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Foxy’s Breakfast


Our Foxy’s Breakfast comes with:

Two Rashers of Bacon, Egg (Fried, Scrambled or Poached), Pork Sausage, Baked Beans, Sautéed Mushrooms, Hash Brown, Black Pudding, Grilled Tomato, Toast of your choice & Butter

Free Range Eggs on Toast


Fried, Poached or Scrambled Eggs served on your choice of Toast.

Spanish Continental Breakfast

Selection of delicious Spanish treats including Chorizo, Olives, Manchego Cheese, Roasted Santos Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Basil Olive Oil, Fig & Date Balsamic Vinegar. All served with Foxy's Homemade Toasted Bread.

Two Slices of Toast with Butter

Two Slices of Toast with your choice of spread including: Butter, Strawberry Jam, Marmalade, Honey & Peanut Butter

Vegan Full Breakfast

Our Vegan Breakfast comes with: Vegan Sausage, Pea & Mint Fritter, Roast Tomato, Hash Brown, Baked Beans, Sautéed Spinach, Mushrooms, Toast of your choice & non dairy spread

Vegetarian Breakfast


Our Vegetarian Breakfast comes with:

Glamorgan Sausage, Egg (Fried, Scrambled or Poached), Baked Beans, Sautéed Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Spicy Sweetcorn Fritters, Hash Brown, Toast of your choice & Butter

Welsh Rarebit

Bechamel Sauce with Grain Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, Egg Yolks & Milk on Toast with Onion Marmalade