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  • May 29, 2024 3:39 pm local time


Handmade Accessories

My Name is Najla and I'm an Architect.  I live and work in Cardiff city, the capital of Wales.

As an interest, I was always fascinated by Art, Nature, and Handmade products.

​This little project came as a result of the UK lockdown during Covid 19 pandemic.

It started as a hobby to keep myself occupied and experiment my taste with resin accessories.

The name "Aurora" is derived from the name of the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, who traveled from east to west announcing the coming of the sun. in addition, this name is given to the natural spectacular phenomenon "The Northern Lights".

Please follow my Facebook & Instagram pages to update with any new made designs.

​I hope you will like my little handmade Auroras and thank you for the time you gave to read my story.

Our collection is available online only

and can be shipped to The United Kingdom & Europe

Please check our Facebook & Instagram pages to get in touch.

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